(International Herald Tribune by Associated Press, 11.25.06)
[ AP writes] Education ministers for South America’s Mercosur countries are proposing a university that would have at least one campus in each member of the trade block, the official Brazilian news agency said Saturday.

The officials from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela on Friday established a commission to work out details of the multinational university during a meeting in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.

Brazil’s Education Minister Fernando Haddad told local media that a deadline for the university’s inauguration has not been set, but said that the resources for its construction are already in place. The project has not yet been approved by Mercosur’s leaders.

The first University of Mercosur was projected to operate in Brazil and later to open campuses in other member countries.

(ahoraeducacion, 07.20.06)

[spanish translation] Within the framework of the protocol of educative cooperation between Argentina and Brazil signed today, the minister of Education, Science and Technology, Daniel Filmus, and their Brazilian pair, Fernando Haddad, decided to initiate studies for the creation of a regional university.

The institution, that constitutes the first passage for the creation of a university of the Mercosur, will be conformed by a network of Argentine and Brazilian universities, located in the provinces and states of border, with mobility of educational, students and investigators.

Also, it is anticipated that the acreditation and diplomas of the future university to be recognized by all the countries of the Mercosur, and that his curricular contents prioritize thematic linked to the diverse aspects of regional integration. (read more here)

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