Practical Tips for Teaching Large classes is a booklet, published by UNESCO Bangkok giving tips to teachers on how to handle overcrowded classrooms.

This booklet comes out with a larger “Learning-Friendly Environments” (ILFE). This toolkit contains six Booklets, each of which contains tools and activities for self-study to start creating an inclusive, learning-friendly environment (ILFE). Some of these activities ask reader to reflect on what his/her school are doing now in terms of creating on ILFE, while others actively guide reader in improving his/her skills as a teacher in a diverse classroom.

(From the Development Gateway by Thomas Bekkers, 12.26.06)

[Thomas Bekkers writes] The guide is dedicated to the immense contribution of teachers across the globe in awakening potential and fostering the fundamental capacity of human beings to seek knowledge, to disseminate information and to share their collective wisdom. This 66 pages PDF document is available for free.

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