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Title: “Globalisation, qualifications and livelihoods: an annotated bibliography”

Evans, J. / Eldis Document Store , 2006

This paper provides an overview and annotated bibliography of literature on globalisation and education, qualifications and livelihoods. The bibliography is structured under the following topics:

  • the theory of globalisation in its broadest sense
  • the perceived effects of economic globalisation on livelihood structures around the world
  • the impact of globalisation on educational structures
  • the effect of globalisation on qualifications
  • the impact of globalisation on youth in society, especially in Sri Lanka.

The bibliography contributes to a research project examining the impacts of globlisation and liberalisation on young people’s aspirations – and their ability to realise those aspirations – with regard to education, qualifications and employment, which draws on field studies in Sri Lanka, China and Zimbabwe.


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