The scientific publication system is a key issue for EU research policy.  The research by the European Commission, “Study on the economic and technical evolution of the scientific publication markets in Europe” was published in 2006, and look at the economic and technical evolution of scientifstudy-on-the-economic-and-technical-evolution-of-the-scientific-publication-markets-in-europe.JPGic publication markets in Europe. It was commissioned as a contribution to on-going public debate on the conditions of access to and dissemination of scientific publications. Given the scarcity of public money to provide access to scientific publications, there is a strong interest in seeing that Europe has an effective and functioning system for scientific publication that speedily delivers results to a wide audience. The study confirms scientific journals as an essential channel for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. With large amounts of public money invested in research, it becomes increasingly important for publications reporting on that research to be accessible to as wide a public as possible.



  • The study indicateds that in the last 30 years, the prices of scientific journals have been steadily increasing. Between 1975 and 1995, they increased 200%- 00% beyond inflation.

  • This Study provides an economic analysis of European scientific publication markets and makes a series of policy recommendations.  A public consultation was held from 31 March to 15 June 2006 on the basis of this Study.