This small, 86 page book has been written to help make it easier for people
to find information about International Development on the Internet. It is
written by staff of the IDS Information Department and covers over 30 themes
such as Migration, Livelihoods, HIV and AIDS, Governance, Education, etc.
The editorial staff have produced a list of websites on each topic that they
feel are good places to start searching for information and the book also
includes advice on how to improve and evaluate search results.

The trying to contact libraries and resource centers in low and middle income countries, to offer them a
free copy of our publication by post. The book can also be downloaded from
our website, for those with good internet connection.A limited number of FREE copies are available for development organizations from low- and middle-income countries. If you are eligible and would like a copy, please send an email including your name,  organization and address, to:

Alternatively, you can download a free PDF version of the book here:

A Good Place to Start (pdf, 1mb)

For more information, and to see a PDF version of the book you can visit