From B-SPAN (Webcasting service of the World Bank Group):

In this Webcast, Thomas Friedman Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times foreign affairs columnist and author of the renowned book on globalization, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, shared remarks about his book, The World Is Flat. The event took place at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC on April 26, 2005 and was hosted by the World Bank’s Public Information Center, The InfoShop. The event was moderated by Michael Isikoff, reporter for Newsweek Magazine.

Titled “Poverty, Development and Ten World Flatteners,” the presentation focused on the factors that have contributed to the increasing connectedness—or “flattening”—of the world. Friedman noted that in the past few years when attention has been focused on the Middle East and the War on Terrorism, globalization has accelerated at a rapid pace. The current stage of globalization, what Friedman calls “Globalization 3.0,” is one in which individuals and small groups, not corporations or states, are the key players. Friedman noted that, unlike earlier phases of globalization, Globalization 3.0 will not be dominated by the West.

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