From the New York Review of Books, by Andrew Delbanco, March 2007:

In “Scandals of Higher Education” Delbanco discusses a series of recent books pointing out to the current national trend in the United States Higher Education Systems, colleges and universities, to “widening the disparity between rich and poor”. In other words, the article purpose, is to look at this problem in the following terms:

“The American university tends to be described these days by foe and friend alike as the Alamo of the left—a last fortress for liberal holdouts in a society that has pretty much routed liberals from politics and public life. But how persuasive are testimonials of devotion to equity and democracy when they come from institutions that are usually beyond the reach of anyone without lots of money?”.

This is the scandal of Higher Education, as Donald Levine, former dean former dean of the college at the University of Chicago, notice

the scandal of higher education in our time is that so little attention gets paid, in institutions that claim to provide an education, to what it is that college educators claim to be providing.