From: The Chronicle: Daily News Blog posted by Sierra Millman, April 26, 2007:

Higher-education officials, business leaders, and policy makers must bolster graduate education if the United States is to maintain its competitive edge in the 21st century, according to a report released today by the Council of Graduate Schools.

“America’s success as the world’s economic leader is rooted in our impressive graduate education system,” says the report, “Graduate Education: The Backbone of American Competitiveness and Innovation.” All three groups must work together to diversify graduate enrollments; encourage creativity, entrepreneurship, and a worldly outlook among graduate students; and increase the appeal of American graduate schools to foreign students.

More spending on graduate programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is a key step, the report contends. The National Science Foundation has reported that the number of scientific papers published abroad has increased by 30 percent, but the number published by Americans appears to have hit a plateau.

Most of the recommendations echo those in other reports (examples here and here), but some remain controversial. The report says universities should better prepare graduate students for nonacademic careers. The report also endorses national efforts to “develop benchmarks to ensure the quality of graduate education” and argues that universities must take an active role in developing assessments to systematically enhance the quality of the education they offer.

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