From Eldis:How can ICT help increase literacy levels?
Wachholz, C.; Meleisea, E. / UNESCO Bangkok ICT in Education , 2006
This document provides a concise overview of the issue of literacy and explains how Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) can be used to improve literacy education. It specifically focuses on discussing five areas in which ICT can improve literacy – enhancing learning, raising access to literacy education, training of teachers, localising content, and creating a literacy-conducive environment.The authors argue that ICT can be used as a tool for acquisition of literacy skills for example, the use of radio in combination with printed course material. Case studies on seven countries from the 2004 UNESCO Islamabad study on the best practices in ICT-based education are drawn upon. A number of lessons learned from practices in these seven countries are recommended. These include:

  • technology does not need to be high-tech to be useful
  • there is a need to understand the needs of learners
  • literacy materials should be locally appropriate
  • integrated approaches are successful
  • community participation should be encouraged
  • monitoring and evaluation is essential.

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