A study of the politics of hate. The film graphically documents the changing face of right-wing politics in India through a study of the 2002 killing of Muslims in Gujarat. The screening of this award winning documentary was banned by Indian authorities in 2004 . Final Solution was banned in India by the Censor Board for several months. The ban was lifted in Oct.’04 after a sustained campaign (an online petition, hundreds of protest screenings countrywide, multi-city signature campaigns and dozens of letters to the Government sent by audiences directly).

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[From BBC] Final Solution was shot over two and a half years by the Indian filmmaker Rakesh Sharma. It tells the story of a massacre of Muslims committed in the western state of Gujarat. It investigates the relationship between the BJP and those who instigated, and actually carried out the killings. For outsiders, it has three merits. Firstly it is an extraordinary and convincing film. Secondly, it offers a very rare insight into the details of democracy in India, and one that shouldn’t encourage people to be snooty about its practices. [read here ]

[From BBC] The India’s Central Board of Film Certification imposed a comprehensive ban on the film’s public screening, stating: “State security is jeopardised and public order is endangered if this film is shown.”

Final Solution follows the riots which broke out after 59 Hindus were killed in an arson attack on a train in February 2002, blamed on a Muslim mob. It won the documentary and critics awards at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the Wolfgang Staudte and Special Jury awards at the Berlin International Film Festival. But the film was not permitted a screening at the Singapore film festival in May, after its censor board deemed it “potentially inflammatory”.[read full text here]

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