This documentary examines the privatization of Cochabamba, Bolivia’s water and the subsequent “water war” which led to the expulsion of corporate privateer Bechtel.

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[From PBS]The fresh clean water pouring freely from your spigot, shower head and garden hose isn’t just a gift of Mother Nature. It’s fast becoming a profit center. Savvy businessmen have been buying up water sources across America, hoping that one day our most precious resource will become their route to riches. Already, a few multinational companies have cornered the water market in countries like France and England, reaping billions in profit.

But what are the consequences of treating life-sustaining water as just another commodity to be bought and sold to the highest bidder? To find out, NOW teamed up with the new series FRONTLINE WORLD and sent producer David Murdock and THE NEW YORKER’s William Finnegan to Cochabamba, Bolivia, where a fight broke out between the citizens who depend on water and a multinational corporation that depends upon it for profit… [read here]
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