The Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Lowell Bergman and a team from The New York Times journey to the Peruvian Andes to report on the battle for control of one of the world’s richest gold mines.

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[FromPBS] High in the Andean mountains of Peru is a gold mine, Yanacocha, run by Newmont Mining Corporation of Denver, Colorado, the largestMonstesinos's Web gold mining company in the world. Once part of the Incan Empire, this land was conquered by the Spanish, who came in search of gold and silver. Descendants of the Incas remain suspicious to this day of outsiders seeking fortune here. FRONTLINE/World and New York Times reporter Lowell Bergman arrives to investigate a growing conflict between the local people and the Yanacocha Mine, which has already produced $7 billion worth of gold. read more