This is a very useful directory to explore. The best is that weekly are added new learning tools to the directory. The directory has several categories of tools. The favorite tool that I found here is a Free citation tool for creating bibliographies online Bibme.


From Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Directory of Learning Tools is a growing Directory of over 1,700 learning tools ranging from “traditional” course development tools through 21st century (E-Learning 2.0) collaboration and sharing tools as well as tools for personal learning.


The tools are both free/open source (What is meant by free?) and commercial and are suitable for:

  • developers and deliverers of workplace learning, performance improvement solutions or post-16 education; as well as

  • learners of all types (students, employees, lifelong learners, etc) for personal or group learning purposes.

Some tools are available in both free and commercial versions, and appear in a number of categories.