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he Conference of the Academies of Sciences of Eastern and South Eastern Europe on the theme “Global Science and National Policies: the Role of Academies” was organized by the UNESCO Office in Venice (BRESCE), the UNESCO Office in Moscow and the International Council for Science (ICSU) . It was hosted by The Academy of Sciences of Moldova in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova from 4 to 5 May 2007. As a follow-up to the World Conference on Science (Budapest, 1999), UNESCO and ICSU decided in 2005 to take action to strengthen the interactions between the Academies of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (ESEE) countries and their involvement in international science cooperation. As a first step, a questionnaire was sent out in early 2006 to the concerned Academies to collect information on their activities and organizations, as well as on their aspirations and needs. As a second step, UNESCO and ICSU organized this Conference designed to bring all ESEE Academies together with a view to:

  • review a set of strategic science issues relevant to regional and international cooperation, and the role that the Academies can play thereon;
  • assess the role of the ESEE Academies in the national and regional contexts; and
  • enhance the role of science in society and the building of knowledge societies in ESEE countries.

Final Program

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