An interesting post at the Online Education Database provides a list to Open Courseware Projects. Courseware projects often provide textbooks online, chapters, illustrations, and diverse educational contents to help the reader to learn in a particular subject. The list is classified in fields of study , which facilitates the search of specific resources.

From OEDb, posted May 2007:

Open courseware projects provide a head rush for many autodidactics because those projects often offer lecture notes, chapters or entire textbooks online, illustrations, charts, and other tools that help the reader learn a given subject. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) gained notoriety for its online open courseware (OCW) offerings and many other colleges have followed this example; however, the self-learner probably knows that many college professors have offered their course outlines and materials online for years before MIT laid claim to this effort.

Whether you’re taking a break from tuition courses, need supplementary materials for college courses, require materials to help out on the job, or want to gain life experience, online open courseware can help you reach your goals. The 100 open courseware sources listed below are freely available for anyone to use, whether you’re a student, an instructor, or a self-learner. The courses are categorized by subject and listed alphabetically within that subject.

While you cannot earn credits for working through these “courses,” in some cases you can obtain credits if you’re a registered university student. Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative (OLI), for instance, provides credits to Carnegie Mellon and to other university students when their instructors provide a “course admit code” for registration. Otherwise, individuals who aren’t students can work through the modules — which range from biology to statistics — at no cost.

Finally, this list is not all-inclusive, as college-level courseware projects number in the thousands, perhaps more if you count professor home pages that are “open courseware” but have never been labeled as such. With this list and some search capabilities you can spread your wings and find more subjects to your liking.

Agriculture | Arts | Architecture | Archaeology | Audio & Video | Biology | Botany | Chemistry | Civil Engineering | Economics | Electronic Engineering | General Engineering | Earth Sciences | Geography & Geology | History | Languages & Linguistics | Law | Literature | Mechanical Engineering | Paleontology | Physics | Political Science | Psychology | Social Sciences

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