From Information for Development Program, October 2007:

infoDev has released initial results from a landmark Survey of ICT and Education in Africa, which seeks to gather together in a single resource the most relevant and useful information on ICT in education activities in Africa.

During the first half of 2007, a research team supported by infoDev and coordinated by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) sought to document the major developments in each African country related to technology use in education in order to create the first consolidated look at this fast-changing sector and provide preliminary answers to three broad questions:

  1. How are ICTs currently being used in the education sector in Africa, and what are the strategies and policies related to this use?
  2. What are the common challenges and constraints faced by African countries in this area?
  3. What is actually happening on the ground, and to what extent are donors involved? (Read more here)

Survey of ICT in Education in Africa   Download now (886 KB)

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