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Peter Paul Rubens, self-portrait with Justus Lipsius, Philip Rubens, and Jan Wowerius, known as The Four Philosophers

Over more than a decade, “The UNESCO Courier” spoke with some of the world’s leading thinkers and collected their views about the major issues we must contend with today. Here is a selection of their insights:

Edgar Morin, January 2004
The challenges of communication in today’s complex world are explored in a conversation with this French sociologist and philosopher. Read online.

Fernando Savater, July-August 2001
The Spanish Basque philosopher speaks out against minorities whose violent ideology is fragmenting humanity and undermining the rule of law. Read online.

Michael Walzer, January 2000
How can multiculturalism encourage social equality? One of the United States’ most renowned philosophers offers some answers to the quest for social justice. Read online.

Alain de Libera, February 1997
The French historian reminds us of the important contribution of Arab-Islamic thinkers to the development of medieval European philosophy. Read online. (PDF – 8.9 MB)

Umberto Eco, June 1993
Writing since the 1950s, the Italian author rose to world fame when his 1980 novel The Name of the Rose was translated into 22 languages. In this interview, he talks about his other major interest, semiotics. Read online. (PDF – 802 KB)