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Every now and then I like to cite web locations that are aesthetically pleasing, i.e., they are just pleasurable to view and use: Film Australia is such a site. The contents of Film Australia are video clips organized by subject and curriculum. The display of the contents is colorful, efficient, and easy-to-use. Most of the items at Film Australia are, not surprisingly, too particular to Australian history (see for example, Harold Holt’s Briefcase) to be of general interest, but the quality and organization of the displays is worth emulating by other educational repositories. Take a look, you’ll like what you see. ____JH


Welcome to Digital Learning—the gateway to Film Australia’s online educational resources

Film Australia’s Digital Resource Finder is a quick, convenient and easy-to-use search engine for teachers and educators. It features FREE FOR EDUCATION downloadable video clips from Film Australia’s remarkable archive—one of the nation’s largest and most historically significant collections. Clips are matched with print-friendly two-page resource sheets that include background information and engaging student research and classroom activities written by leading teachers. No registration or log in is required, however we would appreciate your feedback.

Film Australia’s Digital Resource Finder makes it easy to search via curriculum, topic or keyword.

Stream or download fullscreen video clips that feature Australian life from the late 19th century and Federation to the present day. The clips are carefully selected to cover topics such as Australians at work and war, immigration, Indigenous Australia, the Asia Pacific, Australian politics, culture and society, Australian icons and broadcast media from radio to the internet. There are more than 400 resources to select from, with more added weekly.