“Open content: Towards equal learning opportunities? The number of open collaborative technologies has exploded
over the last years. What impact have they had on access to and
quality of education worldwide? Can developing countries afford these expensive technologies and thus avoid remaining on the
sidelines of the digital revolution? What about copyright issues? What role for UNESCO?

…..The latest and most promising applications and tools are defined as “Web 2.0”: strictly Web-based, they are open/free,
support collaboration, interactivity and are responsive to theuser/learner. ‘Open content’: examples from international practice The term ‘open content’,coined by analogy with ‘open source’, describes any kind of creative work (including articles, pictures, audio) or engineering work (open machine design) that is published in a format that explicitly allows the copying and the modifying of the information by anyone.” [UNESCO Bureau of Public Information Memo]

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