I haven’t had a chance to test this tool. However it seems to have an interesting conceptual idea.

I’ve just begun to explore the Didactum site; registration is required to gain complete access to the instructional tools. Also, to fully utilize the Didactum course creation tools it’s necessary to have a webcam and an electronic tablet. The web site is still in an experimental version and contains no classes; we’ll see how it develops in the coming year. I’ve quoted below from the About page at Didactum. ____JH


“What is Didactum? Didactum.org is the place for teachers: finally, teachers can reach millions of students worldwide. Didactum.org gives teachers the tools needed to record a class with a webcam and digital blackboard. Teachers can also record classes live using a camcorder or camera phone. Didactum.org is the website for all teachers in many subjects and languages.”

“Mission. Didactum.org is a web-based service that connects teachers and students. Using a webcam, microphone and a digital blackboard, a teacher can recreate the classroom learning experience for students from the comfort of their home. Students can communicate easily with Didactum.org using tutorial comments and a familiar web-based instant messenger. The premise of Didactum.org rests on three principles:

1. That a renewed commitment to education needs to be established worldwide. The commitment must define and evolve educational standards.

2. That the learning and teaching potential of students and teachers is mostly undervalued. This value can be realized through a time-shifting of the educational experience.

3. That the potential for the transformation of a child in the most remote area of the world through time-shifted education cannot be ignored.”