Last year the MIT OpenCourseWare initiative repackaged many of its materials for secondary teachers and students, and launched Highlights for High School. The Website features MIT OpenCourseWare materials that are most useful for high school students and teachers.

2c worth blog offers a brief description of the initiative:

…launched in 2001, and talked about frequently by Alan November, the OpenCourseWare Initiative features…

…2,600 video and audio clips from faculty lectures, as well as assignments and lecture notes. Some of that material is assembled on the site for specific high school classes, such as Advanced Placement biology, calculus, and physics, which are college-preparatory courses.

For classrooms with standard contemporary information and communication technologies, this and other similar offerings from the Internet represent opportunities that are, quite simply, foreign to our traditional notions of teaching and learning.

Plus an adequate mention of the current [lack of good] policies on IT and education in the US

It is these obsolete (and dangerous) notions that, no doubt, lead to actions such as our president’s zeroing out federal technology funding for FY09, leaving most classrooms without standard contemporary information and communication technologies.