LIFT is a series of events intended to facilitate and promote discussion about new technologies and their impact on our society. The conference happens in both Geneva (Switzerland) and Seoul (South Korea) every year, with smaller events happening all around the year.
Most of the talks given at LIFT are available for free at

Among the video recordings there is an interesting presentation by Sugata Mitra Professor of Educational Technology at the Newcastle University. It relates with the discussion that we had in class on the relationship between technology, education and development. The tittle of the presentation “Outdoctrination: Society, Children, Technology and Self Organization in Education” at the LIFT07 conference on Thursday, February 8, 20007. Dr. Sugata Mitra conducted an experiment in 1999, in which he placed a computer connected to the Internet in a slum wall in New Delhi. He allowed children to use this computer in an unsupervised way. They quickly taught themselves to surf the web and to use applications–on a Windows machine, no less. This experiment was later replicate as part of a larger four year research project [2000 to 2004].

Here is the project’s websiteLink: