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The document, Open Educational Resources: the Way Forward, is the fruit of the community’s collective reflection on how to advance the OER movement.

This UNESCO planning document is now available as a Wiki page (a pdf version is also available and several translations are underway). The discussion of six priority issues facing OER development gives a useful summary of what has been done and what needs to be done.

The PDF version of the report can be downloaded here:

The strength of the OER community and the continuing adherence of its members underline the importance of this type of international forum for discussion and information sharing. Building and supporting such a community is congruent with the main functions of UNESCO: as a laboratory of ideas and a clearinghouse, a standard setter, a capacity builder in Member States and a catalyst for international cooperation. Nonetheless, an international community functions under certain constraints, such as operating in one language and necessarily focusing on topics of general concern. Both awareness raising and capacity development would be strengthened by decentralized activities complementary to those of the international community.

Regional, linguistic and topic-specific communities will complement and extend the initial activities of the international OER community. UNESCO will promote the development of a loose network of regional, linguistic or topic nodes that can support appropriate regional or local action, while maintaining contact at the international level through the community on OER.