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Sophie is a multimedia authoring tool released under a creative commons license that holds a great deal of promise for digital storytelling in education. A free download is required to create and read Sophie projects. The idea of the book is the central concept. The creator can simply drag and drop components (text fields, comment fields, etc.) or resources (images, audio, video, etc.) onto a page. Objects and pages can all be resized. There is also a timeline feature that lets you start and stop audio or video as well as make any resource appear or disappear from the page. The comments component also merits special mention. While the book is downloaded to the readers machine, their comments can be read by anyone else who “opens” the book. It’s a powerful concept combining an easy to use multimedia interface with the communicative properties of a blog.

Note: Sofie is Funded by grants from the Mellon and MacArthur foundations and the University of Southern California. It is free and entirely open-source.