From Eldis:

Tittle: Denied status, denied education: children of North Korean women in China
Human Rights Watch , 2008

This report analyses the situation faced by children of North Korean women in China. The report points out that these children lack access to education, as Chinese schools require verification of identity for admittance and continued schooling. Children born of North Korean mothers are not registered in China, as registering the child would mean exposing the mother, which would subsequently lead to her being arrested and repatriated to North Korea as an illegal economic migrant.

The report states that under domestic and international laws, China has a legal obligation to grant all children in China access to education, regardless of their legal status. North Korean or half-North Korean children should not be required to submit copies of hukou for admittance to schools or continuing schooling, nor should their parents and guardians be forced to pay bribes.

The report urges particularly the Chinese government to:

  • grant all children access to education without requiring proof of legal identity
  • allow hukou registration for all children with one Chinese parent without requiring verification of the identity of the other parent
  • stop arresting and repatriating North Koreans, especially children and women who have children with Chinese men
  • allow UNHCR access to North Koreans in China, including children, to determine their refugee status
  • ratify the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children.

The report also calls on the North Korean government to:

  • stop punishing North Koreans who leave, or attempt to leave, North Korea without state permission, including North Koreans who are repatriated to North Korea
  • repeal all laws that criminalise leaving the country without state permission, especially the criminal law provision that defines such travel as treason.
  • acknowledge the right to leave the country as a basic human right.
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