September 2008

From GlobalHigherEd By Susan Robertson, Tue, Sep 23 2008:

Last year we carried a series of reports (see here, here and here) on the global distribution of student mobility. While the US and the UK had the lion’s share of this market, with 22% and 12% respectively, we noted China had made big gains. With 7% of the global market and in 6th place overall, it was an ‘emerging contender’ to be taken seriously, with trends suggesting that it was a serious player as a net ‘exporter’ and importer of education services.

So it was with great interest I read today’s Chronicle of Higher Education report by reporter Mara Hvistendahl, on China now being ranked in 5th place (behind the US, UK, France and Germany) as an “importer” of foreign students. See this OECD chart, from its new Education at a Glance 2008 report, to situate this development trend and China’s current position [recall that China is not an OECD member country]. [read full here]


This is a great resource for scholars and students for the historical study of global issues. For instances, the latest issue of the IHR guide, The city,  offers an impressive array of articles and resources on  history of the city, including a list of PHD thesis, key works and  numerous links to an array of  websites and articles.

History in Focus provides original articles, book reviews, and links to historical resources. The site is provided by the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London.