Posted on 19/10/2006 on Fornighly Mailing:

Timo Hannay leads Nature Magazine’s extensive, and for an established scientific journal, very unusual, web-publishing activities. He gave a lunchtime presentation on 17/10/2006 to a small group of mainly youngish researchers at Harvard’s Berkman Centre. Without question Hannay “knows what he is talking about”. So if you are interested in publishing, Open Access, e-research, how research is done (not just scientific research), blogging, the future of the Internet, Second Life (where Nature has an island, and is trialling integration between Second Life and external research databases) etc., you should spend an hour or so on one or more of the following three “views” of Hannay’s presentation, and the questions that followed it:

* PowerPoint slides– [24 MB ppt];
* video transcript – [200 MB mp4] – best viewed with the slides open in another browser window, as they are not distinct in the video;
* contemporaneous notes by David Weinberger, who chaired the session.