This conference will take place at February 3-6, 2010 in the Hotel and Conference Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. You can see their home page here

Thanks to Daniel Araya for the link:

The Fifth Annual iConference brings together scholars, professionals and students who come from diverse backgrounds and share interests in working at the nexus of people, information and technology. The 2010 iConference theme addresses iMPACTS. As the Obama administration brings new potential for our field to affect change, particularly through investments in education, broadband and scientific research, it also is providing a moment for critical reflection on the impacts of the iSchool movement (research, teaching, profession, industry and service) within and outside our community. In this theme, we thus consider such questions as: What are the broad impacts (actual and potential) of the iSchool movement? How can impact be defined, identified, measured and communicated to key audiences?

This Call for Participation solicits contributions that reflect on the core activities of the iSchool community, including research, design, methods and epistemologies, educational practices and engagement between the iSchools and wider constituencies both in the United States and abroad. Contributions are also solicited that reflect more broadly on complex interrelationships among people, information and technology in the iSociety, particularly those focusing on public and private sector settings. With invited speakers, paper and poster sessions, roundtables, wildcard sessions, workshops and ample opportunities for conversations and connections, the iConference celebrates and engages our multidisciplinary and diverse research communities drawing on the interest and expertise of people across disciplinary and organizational boundaries. Sessions will feature completed and early cutting-edge work. The iConference will also include a doctoral student workshop and a mentoring session for untenured faculty and post-doctoral researchers. (read full here)