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New Voices in Labour Studies: Emerging Perspectives on Workers and

Workplaces October 15-16, 2010 York University, Toronto, ON After thirty years of neoliberal economic policies, employer offensives, and global economic restructuring, worker power has been seriously undermined both in Canada and globally. Workers today face a hostile organizing climate, the proliferation of precarious employment, and severe job instability. Yet, as in the past, workers and their allies are rising to these challenges through innovative union campaigns, community organizing,

and political action. We invite paper proposals that address the changing nature of work in the
contemporary global economy, the current challenges faced by workers and their organizations, and forms of collective action undertaken to resist neoliberalism.  We also invite paper proposals that place these processes in historical perspective, using history to shed light on contemporary problems.

The conference is designed to provide an interdisciplinary venue for “new voices in labour studies”. Preference will be given to senior Ph.D. students and scholars who completed their Ph.D. in the last six years. We do, however, encourage a range of junior scholars to submit. The conference will take place at York University, Toronto on October 15-16, 2010. The two-day event will include thematic panels, workshops to discuss teaching and research issues (e.g. labour in the classroom, funding labour
research, working with labour and community partners), and an informal evening social event to be held in downtown Toronto. Recent graduates will have the opportunity to meet emerging voices in the field and interact with more senior scholars.

Depending on budgetary approval, the conference committee is hoping to cover all meals, conference materials, and to defray the cost of accommodations.  Participants without an academic appointment will be prioritized for subsidy. Proposal Submission: DUE DATE MARCH 31, 2010 * Title of paper and a 100-150 word outline of the paper to be presented *
List of degrees, including discipline and starting with the most recent
(maximum four lines) * List of positions, starting with the most recent
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